Delena Builders:

Proprietor: Mrs. Francis Mary Theresa
Financing Partner, Project Manager and representative for USA: Auxilia Chandrasekar
Advisor in USA: Honourable Dr. Douglas Chandrasekar

About Francis Mary Theresa:

She has been working with Sea Rock Builders for over 25 years. She is an interior decorator of Sea Rock Builders.
She has immense experience from Sea Rock Builders and has the capacity to handle all fields of construction single-handedly. She has managed to establish a new firm by the name Delena Builders in the year 2010.

About Auxilia Chandrasekar

She has been the Project Manager at Sea Rock Builders since 2000 to 2005 in India. From the year 2005, she has also become a Financing Partner for Delena Builders from USA. Now she is a sales representative and financing partner in USA.
She approves location for the projects both in India as well as in USA. She also approves building projects, its amenities and facilities according to the location and customer be it in USA or in India inculcating a mix of American, European and Indian styles.

No. 52, Baba Nagar, Phase #2,
Ayancheri, Urapakkam,
Chennai - 603 202
Phone: +91 9244 621 636
Email: info@searockbuilders.com